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There’s a lot to think about
We are happy to meet you wherever you are on the path toward buying a home. Dreaming of buying a first home with only vague notions of how to go about it? Puzzling through the logistics of moving from your current home to a new one? Right-sizing for retirement? Contemplating investing in income property? We'll have plenty to discuss.
Figure out your questions

Bet you have some questions…jot them down!  This is also a fabulous time to update your budget  (or, ahem, make a budget). If you’d like, make use our planning worksheet as food for thought and to help you organize your goals and questions.

There’s no getting around it

We know. Unless you’re a bit of a weirdo (our kind of weirdo, we should add), paperwork is the least fun part of the process. Our employer, Guaranteed Rate, pioneered the use of technology to streamline the mortgage process through its Digital Mortgage which is available on their website. It’s pretty neat and most people love it.

However, if you’re more of an analog type and would rather not mess with forms online and/or upload documents, don’t despair. We’ve got you covered. We’re more than a little old school ourselves and have not forgotten how to work with a stack of actual wood pulp papers. Just let give us a call or email and we’ll let you know what documents to gather up and send our way. (Here’s a preview of we’ll request.)

Where the magic happens

If got the ball rolling using our Digital Mortgage, you’ll notice it does a pretty good job of asking questions and suggesting loan options. Luckily for us (‘cause we love our jobs and have our own mortgages to pay), computers haven’t entirely replaced us yet. As soon as your application is completed, we’ll get an alert and reach out to talk. And, of course, if you forgo the whole digital thing, we’ll already be talking.

If all of this mortgage talk is making you anxious, take a little break and watch Spiderman dance. So soothing…

Gather your Thoughts. Steampunk Mechanical Man says: “Gather your thoughts.” He also says: “Do you have any oil?” And, finally: “Why is there a bellows in my throat?”
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