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Laying the groundwork
Prequalification is the first step on the path to a mortgage. What loan options are available to you? Which is the best fit? How much can you qualify to borrow? Let’s talk. We’ll trade information and figure things out.
We work for you

We put you and your needs at the center of all we do. This makes for a variety of alternatives when it comes to discussing your loan options.

If you are clear the loan you want and need that pre-approval letter today for the offer you just wrote for your dream home, we may only need a quick phone call to send you on your way with all the information you need and that precious letter.

If you have lots of questions (maybe you are a first-time buyer just starting to explore loan options) or we have some strategizing to do (maybe you are navigating the move from one home to another or mulling over real estate investments), it may make more sense to schedule time for a lengthier talk or meeting.

And if a meeting is called for we can visit in person or save you the drive and set up a time to screen-share via Skype. You let us know your preferences, timelines and needs and we’ll work hard to tailor what we do for you.

Laying out your options

Regardless of the form our conversation takes, you should leave our pre-qualification conversation with a clear understanding of the loan options available to you and why you might select one loan versus another. If there are any special programs available to you as, say, a veteran or a first-time homebuyer, we'll make sure you know all about them.

Figuring out a game plan

We’ll also lay the foundation for some decisions you'll need to make later in the process, such as when the time comes to lock in a rate. And if there are any actions you could take to improve the outcome of an application or lower loan costs, we’ll tell you just what to do.

There are no dumb questions

And by all means, if you have any questions…fire away! We’ll do our best to answer each and every one.

We go out of our way to find you just the right loan. And we cover our mouths when we cough. Beats the alternative…

Shout out to the BBC’s Little Britain .

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