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We don’t kid ourselves—we know that securing your mortgage is more of a hurdle to cross, than the fun part of buying your new home. To the extent that we can, we strive to make your time working with us as pleasant and efficient as possible… and maybe even a little fun. To this end, we’ve assembled a skilled team of professionals. Here's a little bit about each of us and what we each do.

Loan Officer
The Loan Officers on our team are here, first and foremost, to help you find just the right loan. Gathering information from you, asking questions, listening to your needs and zeroing in on the perfect mortgage option. While you shop, your Loan Officer will pitch in, updating numbers, sending approval letters and, eventually, locking in your interest rate. Once are in contract to purchase your new home, our Loan Officers stay in constant communication with the operations team as your loan moves through processing and underwriting, smoothing over any bumps along the way and making sure your mortgage dovetails seamlessly with the rest of your transaction. We prefer the low key, old school title, Loan Officer, but Guaranteed Rate often refers to Loan Officers as “Vice President of Mortgage Lending” (or VP) to underscore the importance of overseeing and managing your loan from start to finish.

Mortgage Consultant
Your Mortgage Consultant is the hub of our operations team. Once you and your Loan Officer settle on a loan program, your MC takes over, readying your file for underwriting. Your MC will work directly with you, making sure your loan file is up-to-date and contains all necessary paperwork and information. One secret to a stress-free mortgage process is responding to all requests your MC makes in a timely manner. Behind the scenes, your MC will also coordinate with the other professionals on your home buying team, making sure your mortgage dovetails seamlessly with the rest of your transaction.

Loan Coordinator
As your loan draws close to closing, your Loan Coordinator (LC) will work with you to tie up loose ends and get your loan closed in a timely manner. The initial approval a loan receives is always subject to “conditions” that must be satisfied prior to closing. Your LC will work with you to satisfy these conditions. The quicker you can assist your LC with any conditions, the quicker the underwriter can issue your final loan approval, clearing the way to closing. Once your loan is “clear to close”, your LC arranges for your closing documents to be prepared and set to the title company for your signing.

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